PG96 - Mooncake Box

* Material: cloth mount with foam and 2mm chipboard

* Printing: emboridery flower and silver hot stamping

* Construction: lid and bottom rigid box with inner tray

* Remarks: this box is designed for mooncake packing, it uses cloth material as wraps, that is not available to be printed by general offset process, instead of that, adopting emboriday process, and silver hot stamping on wraps, the central area of cover is die-cut a circle hole and paste a black paper with silver hot stamping.  The inner box allocates 4 pieces of mooncake, there is making a inner paper tray with 4 die-cut holes to fit with packed mooncake.\

* Size and Colour: size could be tailor made, the colour of cloth has limited selection

* MOQ: 1,000 pieces

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