PG38 - Large Display Box

* Material: 450g greyback mount with double corrugated board

* Printing: 4 process colour with water-based varnish

* Construction: it's large display box and made by one piece paper, die-cut and creasing per the template, die-cutting some slots for the flaps inserting, without any gluing while forming the box. 

* Remarks: This is one of display box for Sams Club supermarket, each display box contains 24 pieces small box. It allows stacking up display box, working as shelves. All packing and assembly work would be completed at factory before loading to container. It just need to load the display box (already packed with small boxes) on floor in supermark, not need to put that on shelves, save a lot. 

* Size and Colour: both are available tailor make

* MOQ: 300 pieces

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