PG72 - Rigid Box With Corrugated Wraps

* Material:

Inne box: 157g gloss paper mounting with 2mm chipboard plus 2 pairs magent along closing flap 

Outer wraps: white e-flute corrugated board

* Printing: could be multi-color plus post printing processes

* Construction: 

Inner box: it's foldable rigid box, the trick is at 4 corners where is foldable, but attaching double side adhesive to form the corners when it needs. 

Out wraps: applying 4 creasing lines and adding 2 double adhesive tape for closing. 

* Remarks: The box is designes for gift packaging and also working as mailing box. The outer corrugated board is acting as mailing box, it's well protective and rigid enough. Another selling point is the foldable rigid box, it saves a lot logistics cost.

* Size and Colour: both are available tailor make

* MOQ: 500 pieces

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